VML Championships

Tournament Info

The VML Championships are the culmination of this year's cycle of play. 24 Players – the top 8 competitors from each season – will battle it out for the opportunity to compete at the Pro Tour!


8am Pacific August 19th

9am Pacific August 20th

Join us live on Twitch

Tournament Structure

Day 1

7 Swiss rounds

Cut to Top 6

Format Rounds
LTR Draft 3
Standard 4

Day 2


Single Elimination

Top 2 competitors from Swiss rounds receive a bye


Place Prize
1st & 2nd Pro Tour invite
3rd – 12th Regional Championship invite


  • Haiyue Yu
  • Arya Karamchandani
  • Beky Bell
  • Kuro

Donations and Giveaways

To keep the VML going strong, we’re running a fundraising event and doing giveaways! There are many exciting prizes, including sealed product, gaming supplies, and coaching sessions available.

Check out the full details and prizes.

To be eligible, please make a minimum donation of $10 for coaching package and $5 for everything else


Season 8 Qualifiers

Season 9 Qualifiers

Season 10 Qualifiers