The VML Community

We’re a community of Magic players of marginalized genders. Anyone self-identifying as such is welcome to join us – we’re based mostly on Discord, but we’re branching out into tabletop events as well.

Our mission is to break down gender-based barriers to participating in Magic. We all share a love of the best game ever made, and we want for everyone to be able to play and have fun without facing difficulties due to their gender. 

Where We Came From

In the beginning we started out as a group of 20 or so friends who wanted to play competitive Magic together. The league was formed and from Season 3 has enjoyed the support of Wizards of the Coast, who have been incredible in the amount of help they have given us. Our players have gone on to play at Set Championships and become established names in the highest levels of play.

At our inception, we described the league as “for women and non-binary people”. However, over time we realized that this was unnecessarily exclusive towards trans men, masc-presenting non-binary people, and other folks. As a result of feedback from the community, we changed to the language of “marginalized genders” that we use today. We know that this wording isn’t perfect, but we also believe that talking openly about marginalization and the real life, tangible barriers that our players face is the first step towards breaking them down.

Where We’re Going

Today, we are more than just the competitive league, but our goal is to offer support and inclusivity to players at every stage of their engagement with Magic, starting from the first time they pick up cards. We’ll be working on a wider program of events in the coming months and hope to see you soon!