In-Match Issues

If a technical issue arises during your match, please contact the VML Head Judge Elaine Cao (Oritart#0001) immediately.

In-match issues are resolved in accordance with DIPG §2 at the discretion of the VML Head Judge.

Examples of technical issues include, but are not limited to:

Judge staff will most likely not rewind issues caused by legal but strategically unfavorable game actions (misclicking the wrong land, accidentally mulliganing a good hand, etc).

A player who disconnects will not receive any lost turns, parts of turns, time, or timeouts. However, disconnections are limited to the current game in progress, and the match may be completed later if necessary. See DIPG §2.5.

Video evidence and screenshots may be used to assist in rectifying any problems, so we recommend recording your match if possible.

What to Do

If there is an in-game issue during your match and the VML Head Judge does not immediately respond:

Judge staff do not have the capability to fix issues by modifying game states, but have do have the capability to fix issues by pausing a match in progress this way.

Remember that the VML staff are human and cannot always be available, but will attempt to be available for live issues. If judges are not able to fix issues at the moment, players should resume play if able after at least 15 minutes have passed. Depending on the severity of the issue, the match may be given an extension and replayed.

Resuming a Match

If a judge instructs you or after no response from the judge staff for 15 minutes, you may resume the match. Follow these steps to proceed

Players found to be intentionally exploiting bugs will be disqualified from the league and any prizes rescinded in accordance with DIPG §3.9.