Season 11 By The Numbers

by Noah R-G

With players gearing up for playoffs, here’s some neat stats from the 7 weeks of regular season play! (Including interactive charts! On each chart, you can click on a deck’s name in the legend to highlight it.)

Deck Archetypes

This cluster chart shows the overall popularity of each archetype. The size of the circle correlates to the number of decks within an archetype.

Out of the 872 decks this season, there were 69 unique archetypes (nice!), 17 of which were played at least 10 times. Blue and White were the most popular colors, each represented in over 60% of decks, and Green was the least popular color, in only 34% of decks.

Top 11 Most Popular Archetypes

Top 5 Most Popular Color Combos

This line chart shows the popularity of deck archetypes by week.

Most Copies of a Deck Submitted in One Week

Win Rates

Overall, there were 1045 games played across 435 matches this season, about 2.4 games per match.

This chart shows archetype win rates compared to the number of decks. The circle size is relative to the number of decks within each archetype, and the height of the circle is the win rate.

Top 11 Decks by Win Rate

This section only includes decks that had 5 or more copies played this season, and only accounts for non-mirror matches.

Best Counterpicks for Popular Decks

Continuing the “Top Decks vs Top 3” segment from this season, here are the best decks to play (based on VML stats alone) if you find yourself in a match against the five most popular decks:

Playing Against Esper Midrange

Overall, Esper Midrange had a 59.0% win rate. The decks with the best record against Esper Midrange are:

Playing Against Boros Convoke

Overall, Boros Convoke had a 43.21% win rate. The decks with the best record against Boros Convoke are:

Playing Against 5-Color Domain

Overall, 5-Color Domain had a 46.75% win rate. The decks with the best record against 5-Color Domain are:

Playing Against Azorius Control

Overall, Azorius Control had a 59.21% win rate. The decks with the best record against Azorius Control are:

Playing Against Rakdos Midrange

Overall, Rakdos Midrange had a 65.45% win rate. The decks with the best record against Rakdos Midrange are:

All the weekly stats can be found here. If you’re a playoff player interested in matchup data for any deck, please feel free to DM me on Discord (username: nohrg, VML server: Noah R-G (he/they)), and I’ll be happy to provide that for you.